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How to Make Milk Kefir Smoothie at Home

What are Milk Kefir Grains, and how can you make them?images 8

How to make Milk kefir banana, apple, orange or pineapple, or fruit smoothie at home. Milk kefir grains are a symbiotic culture of lacto-bacteria and yeast which is held together by a bacteria induced polymer that looks clumpy like cauliflowers. The milk kefir grains digest the lactose in milk to produce lactic acid, acetic acid and other acids including carbon dioxide. Raw fresh and organic cows milk is mainly used although you can also use goats milk.

How to make Fresh Milk Kefir Drink at Home

Ways to Make Milk Kefir Drink: You will need to have some naturally made kefir grains and 1 cup of fresh raw milk. Place the milk and the cow milk kefir grains into a wide mouthed glass jar. You should not use a metallic container to brew the kefir drink as the lactic acid may react with the metal or plastic. The reason of starting with a small amount of milk is to ensure that your grains are well adjusted and are growing and fermenting the kefir.

You can now place a cloth lid over the jar and away from direct sunlight and put it at a place with room temperature. You may want to give the jar a slight swirl after every 4hrs to help mix the milk with parts that are turning into milk.

It takes about 12 to 36hrs for your kefir to be well cultured depending on the ration of milk to the kefir grains you used and the room temperature in your kitchen. The lower the temperatures the slower will be the milk kefir drink brewing process. You will know that your milk kefir brew is ready when you get some curds sticking to the side of the glass jar when you swirl the mixture. The rest of the milk becomes separated into curds and clear yellow liquid called whey.

indexYou can now stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and the kefir becomes a smooth and thick running thickened milk. The mixture has a fresh and sour smell which is like yoghurt with a tangy taste. You can determine the taste you like by changing the brewing time. Longer brew time will result in a stronger sour taste while shorter than 24hrs of fermenting results into a very slight sour taste.

Brewing the milk kefir for longer time will leave it sourer and with less lactose which is ideal for lactose intolerant people. When you are finished brewing the milk kefir, you can strain the grains and separate them from the kefir brew and you can use them to start another culture with a fresh jar of raw milk.

The best milk is the raw organic cow’s milk. After the first series of fermentation, you should be able to produce more than 1 cup of milk kefir and the brew increases as you keep on growing your kefir grains through subsequent fermentations. You can now make a banana, orange, pawpaw, almond or fruit smoothie by mixing the ready milk kefir with the blended fruit.

How to Store your Milk Kefir Grains

If you are done making kefir health drink, you can store the grains in the fridge in a fresh jar of milk. When placed in the fridge, you kefir will brew slowly for several weeks. When you want to have a kefir drink, you only need to place the mixture in room temperature and you will have your brew in a few hours.

When you want to store the milk kefir grains for a longer time, you can strain the grains and replace the fresh milk every few weeks. The kefir that has stayed for weeks may become too sour and you can pour it out to make your preferred kefir drink at the right sourness. After taking the grains from the fridge, you first culture may take longer than normal but this is because the kefir grains and lacto-bacteria take longer to come to life again.

Where To Get Your Own Milk Kefir Starter Grains

In order to make milk Kefir drink, you will need to have a starter kefir grains that you can purchase from local stores or locally through sourcing for people that make kefir and have extra grains. A good place to check is an online supplier and purchase your kefir grains online. When you get the live kefir grains by shipment, they are usually packed with a small amount of milk to feed them and keep the bacteria alive.

You should strain off the milk and place the kefir grains in a fresh jar of milk to start your fermentation of the first kefir drink. Remember not to rinse the kefir grains with water but only strain the milk away and start with a fresh raw milk.

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